Our Technology


SMA Retail Specialists use the very latest in auditing technology.

All of our auditing takes place using hand-held touch-screen devices with GPS locators and high-resolution cameras built in.

As the audits are performed, the auditor is guided by the system to ensure all questions are considered and relevant information is recorded. The system uses a sophisticated algorithm and a bank of appropriate answers which have been designed by experts. This input method ensures that the auditing is carried out quickly, professionally and unobtrusively; that all audits are carried out to the same consistently high standard.

Once the audit is complete, the results are calculated automatically and the auditor can review the outcome with the appropriate person on-site. The audits are encrypted and then sent instantly from the field to our central servers via the 3g phone network.

As the audits are received at the data centre, our automatic and manual quality control processes validate the results and can select individual audits for review on a random basis as part of our quality control process. Our servers are protected using bank-strength security and are backed up nightly.

We give our clients access to their data via a branded custom web user interface. There are several levels of client access available, all designed to suit the client's requirements. We can give individual audit results, collated group results and extensive, detailed results analysis - including analysis of results in comparison to previous rounds. Our systems allow access at different levels within the client organisation, whether it is for the individual being audited seeing their own results, regional managers viewing their team's performance or director-level access-all-areas with full drill-down capability.

We can also integrate directly into our client's own systems via file-drops and web services.

We have a service desk available for client queries from 9-5 Monday to Friday.

We continue to evolve our technology based upon emerging technologies, new business directions and client requirements.