Retail Training

Without exception, SMA retail audits show that frontline customer engagement and cross-sell/ up-sell needs to improve in order to create competitive advantage, secure customer loyalty and increase turnover. In response to this, our retail experts at SMA have developed Retail AdVantage, - a Frontline Customer Excellence training programme.

Retail AdVantage is a unique up-skill coaching programme tailored to your business for Frontline Staff & Supervisors to deliver Increased Sales & improve Customer Service.

Unlike traditional training, Retail AdVantage is a high engagement coaching programme where our retail experts work with your staff on the shop floor, using a combination of 30 minute modules, during or after opening hours. The benefits of flexible timing and in-situ delivery, means minimum disruption to your business delivering instant new sales. Our High Energy delivery style ensures strong participation which staff find motivating, engaging and impactful.

The programme also has further performance management benefits as it enables us to identify weak performers for further training, and strong performers for management grooming/succession planning, We also provide Change Management and Teamworking modules for staff and management.

Retail AdVantage uses team-based role playing to implement best practise customer engagement, customer service, customer profiling, complaint handling and suggestive selling strategies. It is a 2 step programme, starting with Customer Engagement and Foundation in Selling, followed by Helping Customers Buy which targets up-sell cross-sell, enabling Staff to practice and improve sales techniques in-store.

Providing great customer service starts with identifying different customer types, understanding their needs & building a relations

hip. However - knowing them is only the beginning. To be successful in selling, we coach frontline staff to 'go the extra mile'  for each customer, link promotion offers and products to their needs for suggestive selling & create 'moments of delight' at each touch point of the customer journey.

Doing this each time your team interact with your customers, will win customers over and make them loyal over a period of time, securing the life-time value spend.  Go the Extra Mile for your customers and deliver that extra sale!

The result is a targeted Up-sell Cross-sell programme to drive weekly promotion sales across the range of offers in your business, and a staff personal action programme going the Extra Mile. Retail AdVantage success is measured against objectives agreed in advance of the coaching with the Site Manager, which is then measured against internal sales performance, and through our customer service audit.. Our Up-sell Cross-sell programme is cost neutral based on the incremental sales your staff will deliver. You tell us your requirements and we will give you the most cost effective solution which will pay for itself!