Retail Audits

SMA Retail Specialists audit over 6,000 retail sites across the island of Ireland every year. Audit services are carried out to provide owner/managers with key driver information in relation to their operating standards and customer perceptions of their business. We work with our clients to tailor and design the particular audit criteria appropriate to their business needs and then utilise our experienced staff to gather the required information. All audit information is gathered and provided utilising our bespoke electronic software, delivering 'real time' findings to all of our clients enabling a fast-track response to issues identified

Store  of the Year Awards

As Irelands leading Retail Audit company, SMA partner Retailer 'Store of the Year' Awards by providing retail audits for competing stores to ensure the highest standards of retail operation & customer service are achieved. Retailer Groups include Gala, Londis, Spar & EuroSpar, XL,  Centra, SuperValu and Shelflife C Store of the year ..(read more) . We are delighted that one of our clients Junction 14, Texaco/Spar Express in Monasterevin, Co. Kildare, was awarded Top Convenience store & Forecourt Retailer in this prestigous competition Shelflife National C-Store Awards, now in its 14th year

Profitability Auditing

This specialised service analyses in-depth the key drivers of a retail business, and will then provide answers and solutions to that individual business. We use only highly experienced staff who will advise on a set of correctional actions, so that all profit opportunities are maximised and shrinkage is minimised. Some Clients include (read more)

Shrinkage/Stock Loss Audit

Stock loss and shrinkage is a management problem due mainly to poor investment in training and lack of process. Our audits highlight 33% of all shrinkage occurs at the back door or point of delivery through : stock shortage, damaged stock, short dated stock, or delivery never arrived ; 33% stock loss results from poor documentation, wrong retail prices, & administration errors, and a further 33% occurs at front of counter through customer/staff theft  and/or collusion where 1/10 staff or customers will take advantage of poor management. Our unique Retail Loss Assault Programme provides tailored solutions on a site by site basis & is cost neutral based on the savings realised by stock loss and shrinkage reductions. Some Clients include (read more)

Food Services Auditing

Our retail expertise and auditing service also extends into food services & leisure sectors. Our audit teams measure the quality, value, cleanliness, interface with customers, and overall standards as perceived by customers from in-front and behind the food service counters. Categories we operate in span Business & Industry, Education & Healthcare, Public Restaurants, & Staff Canteens. Some Clients include include Tayto Park, Aramark NUIG, Baxter Storey Dublin Zoo, Blacrock Clinic, RTE (read more)

Health & Safety

Our team of food safety auditors are certified to HACCP level 3 standards thus enabling us to measure and check all food safety and handling procedures from behind the customer serve over counters. This service provides invaluable in-depth information to retailers and food service facilities for a key area of their business. Some Clients include Musgraves Centra C Store of the Year,  BWG Spar, Londis Group, Gala (read more)

Mystery Shopping/Customer Experience

Mystery shopping is about testing the customer experience, focussing on staff-customer engagement. Customer Satisfaction is measured using pre-agreed criteria to identify areas for improvement and runs in tandem with our Retail Audit programme. We can also provide in-store customer surveys which ensures customer perception and opinion is measured to evaluate the overall customery experience, and included in the audit findings & recommendations. Some Clients include Texaco Spar Express Junction 14, Topaz (read more)